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When you choose Alaska USA Mortgage Company for your home loan, you’re getting more than just a mortgage. You’re getting the strength of a company with a history of more than 30 years of responsible home lending, personalized service, and the undivided attention of local home loan experts who have helped generations of people achieve the dream of homeownership.

Clear communication

Our in-house underwriting and processing provides a centralized point of contact for questions regarding your loan. With you, the mortgage originator, and your realtor all working together in the same local area, you’ll never feel left out in the cold when you need an update on the process – you’ll be part of it every step of the way.


The home buying process can be complex, so the ability to consult with someone throughout the entire process is fundamental – especially with someone who’s accessible. We are always available for a visit or phone call, and work as a team to anticipate every detail of your home buying journey.

You’re more than a mortgage

You’re not just a file or an email to us. Having your mortgage originator, processor, and underwriter under the same roof allows for a higher level of communication, just like a family. We treat your loan application with individual, special attention, and prepare you for home buying by educating you on exactly how the process works.